One of the few makes his debut ... a real Rutland baby

A rare Rutland baby was born on home turf, making him only the 13th to be born in the county this year.

The number was definitely not unlucky for Hazel Lacey and Robin Murton whose baby George Henry arrived at 3.26am on Friday morning at the family home in Ridlington.

Since Rutland maternity unit closed few babies are now born in the county.

George's arrival was all over within an hour and a half but thankfully Oakham midwife Tracie Aylward turned up for the last 10 minutes, easing the pressure from first-time dad Robin who feared he might have to go it alone.

Baby George was born eight days late and weighed in at 8lb 11oz.

Robin (27) said: "It was special to have him born at home in Rutland because all my family are from this area. I was born in Oakham and brought up in Barleythorpe."

The couple opted for a home birth because Hazel's two other children were both born so quickly. Charlotte (5) arrived in an hour and five minutes and Harry (8) in an hour and a half.

After Charlotte was born doctors had recommended that Hazel have a home birth if she ever fell pregnant again and the fear of giving birth in the car prompted her to take their advice.

Hazel (28) said: "We thought it would be safer to have a home birth than risk giving birth in the car.

"We never really thought about it being so unusual to have a baby in Rutland now, but Tracie said the last one she delivered here was before last Christmas."

Both sets of grandparents have been to visit George, who enjoyed his first outing to the Register Office and the Rutland Times office on Monday.

Robin's parents, Andy and Rosemary Murton of Barleythorpe, are thrilled with the arrival of their second grandchild and Hazel's parents Sandra and Chris Poole, of Barrow on Soar have also visited. They will also be joining baby George for his first Christmas at the family home in Hollygate Road.

Hazel said: "Our midwife Tracie did such a good job when she arrived. We just want to thank her so much. Although Robin knew what he had to do, we were glad he didn't have to do it alone."