A1 incident causes gridlock in Stamford

Police appeal
Police appeal

Motorists faced traffic chaos and long delays as a broken down van on the A1 gridlocked Stamford.

Long tailbacks grew as a result of the incident between 7am and 8am this morning as people tried to get to work.

Many drivers abandoned the main road and headed into Stamford instead to seek a way through resulting in the town becoming gridlocked.

Cambridgeshire Police first responded to reports of a broken down Transit van on the southbound A1 near to Carpenter’s Lodge, near Stamford, at 7.20am.

No-one was hurt in the incident but the fire service was dispatched too as smoke was coming from the van.

The blockage was cleared from the trunk road by 8.55am.

To compound the motorists’ misery a large lump of wood slowed traffic on northbound A1 near to Wansford, just six miles south of Stamford.

The police responded to remove the wood at 7.50am but it had gone when they arrived.