Adventurer Sarah Outen gives talk at Stamford Endowed Schools

Sarah Outen lecture at Stamford Endowed Schools EMN-161116-130928001
Sarah Outen lecture at Stamford Endowed Schools EMN-161116-130928001

Adventurer Sarah Outen returned to Stamford Endowed Schools to give a lecture on her journey around the world.

Sarah, who went to Stamford High School herself, gave the lecture on Friday evening. She described her expedition as “a journey of contrasts, of diversity”, detailing the presence of humility in the face and strength of nature.

Sarah’s lecture particularly focused on how she prepared herself mentally for the emotional strain that came during her journey.

Additionally she encouraged students in the audience to never give up in the face of adversity and spoke of the power and value of learning that comes from failure.

Sarah also detailed her trip as a real connection to the world, weaving through environmental themes as she encountered different climates and wildlife, and the effects of human engagement on the environment.

Her final message to the audience was a call for them to empower themselves by trying things seemingly out of reach.

Sarah credited her time at Stamford for her self-belief and journey after school, bringing her Junior School beret with her on the evening, and summarising her fond memories of Stamford.

Director of communications and development at the schools Rachael Petrie said: “Sarah is an inspiration to all and we are always delighted to welcome her back to school.

“She is a wonderful role model and has a huge following within our schools’ communities. It was a great evening.”