App allows people to say bye before death

Steve Mcllroy is the creator of the My Farewell Note app. By Lee Hellwing.
Steve Mcllroy is the creator of the My Farewell Note app. By Lee Hellwing.

An Oakham man has developed a unique app which lets people leave messages, photos and videos for their loved ones to access when they die.

The My Farewell Note app, which launched last month,is the brainchild of Steve McIlroy, a rally co-driver, who came up with the idea after his close friend and driver Andrew Howard collapsed at an event in 2005 and later died after suffering a bleed on the brain.

When somebody dies, the messages they have left loved ones can be accessed by their friends or family 21 days after they contact the app and ask to see them.

Steve, who also works as an insurance investigator, said: “If you have lost a relative, or you are in a close call in an accident, you might want to consider this sort of service.

“All the messages are private to that person. What they put in writing is totally private to them.

“We don’t want people to look at it on the morbid side, we want them to look at it as an insurance.”

Steve has spent the last two years developing the app, which is available online and on mobile, with a team of developers.

Steve formerly served as a corporal in the Army’s Cheshire Regiment and believes servicemen and women would benefit from the app.

“When I served in Northern Ireland for five years we were asked [by the army} to leave hand written notes for out loved ones but now in 2017 we have modern 

The app is available to those over 16 and users can register for three different accounts including a free version where only text messages with a 1,000 character limit can be sent to friends and 

To register for the app visit