Rutland Plastics unveils new £2.2m warehouse

Rutland Plastics' new warehouse EMN-160719-160544001
Rutland Plastics' new warehouse EMN-160719-160544001

Rutland Plastics has just 
completed work on a new 
£2.2 million warehouse – marking the biggest single investment in the business since it was founded in 1956.

The Oakham-based firm, which employs 110 staff and has a turnover of £10 million, built the 30,000 sq ft building on its existing site in Cold Overton Road.

It will be used to store raw materials and finished goods.

On the roof of the new warehouse are 900 solar panels with the potential to generate 25 per cent of the firms electricity needs at their peak.

The building also features a ‘free cooling system’ so called because it utilises ambient air to cool the heat generated by the firm’s machinery, smart lighting that only switches on when someone is present, and ‘daylighting’ panels which maximise the use of daylight reducing the need for artificial light.

Rutland Plastics has adapted to social, environmental and economic changes over the years. After making toys in the ’50s and ’60s, when cheap Japanese imports hit UK shores the company made the decision to move into trade mouldings, investing in some mammoth machinery. Today, Rutland Plastics is well known for producing injection-moulded components for the trade, weighing from a few grams right up to 48kgs.

Managing director Steve Ayre said:“As part of the overall factory redevelopment, which has included an additional production bay and new offices, we always planned new warehousing.

“The growth we have seen over the last couple of years convinced us now was the right time to build it.”

“We’ve immediately benefitted from the efficiencies the new warehouse provides.”