Celebrating 25 years in ever-changing world of medicine

A doctor is celebrating 25 years in a profession that he claims has changed beyond all recognition.

Jeremy Crosthwaite started his career at Uppingham Surgery after falling for the market town and nearby Rutland Water.

He said: "I became a doctor because I was fascinated with family medicine from the cradle to the grave."

And it's the ever-changing world of medicine which has captured his interest for so many years, despite the inevitable highs and lows of the job.

Dr Crosthwaite (58) said: "It's the variety of work and the pleasure in serving my patients, who have become good friends, which keeps me interested in the job.

"I have no immediate plans to retire and I'm looking forward to continuing my work for as long as I enjoy it."

Colleagues organised a party for Dr Crosthwaite on Friday to celebrate his time in the job.

He was joined by colleagues at Uppingham Surgery on Friday to celebrate.