Decisions to be made on future of Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association

Neighbourhood Watch News.
Neighbourhood Watch News.

A decision on the future of Neighbourhood Watch in Rutland will be made in the next six months.

Membership of the county scheme is currently low, and those in charge are looking into possible options before they make a decision later in the year.

Chairman of the Rutland Neighbourhood Watch Association Ruthven Horne said: “There are big changes occurring, not only in policing, but within the Neighbourhood Watch movement, both nationally and within Leicestershire and Rutland.

“A decision needs to be made in the next six months whether our association should continue in its present form, a different form, or indeed any form.

“We currently have four volunteer board members; if we are to continue we need more. It is my view we need to cover Rutland with a network of Neighbourhood Watches before the police presence is reduced even further. To do this we need more volunteers to help, not just on the board. Previous appeals have failed.

“I believe that Nieghbourhood Watch in Rutland will be the weaker without the direction and coordination of the association, but as outgoing chairman, it isn’t so much what I think, it is what you and your colleagues think. The status quo is not tenable.”

The association will hold its annual general meeting at the Rutland County Council chamber in Oakham from 7pm on Wednesday, January 27. Mr Horne hopes to see plenty of Rutlanders there.

He said: “Community self-help is the method to strengthen our neighbourhoods against crime. Neighbourhood Watch works.”