Fourteen drivers stopped during Fatal4 operation by police in Oakham

Police news.
Police news.

Police discovered 14 driving offences during a day of monitoring motorists in Oakham as part of the Fatal4 campaign.

Officers spend Wednesday in the town centre looking out for the four main driving crimes: speeding, using mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts along and drinking and driving.

They stopped seven drivers who weren’t wearing seatbelts and four using mobile phones.

Two vehicles were found not to have a valid MOT and one was found to have a defective headlamp

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership spokesman Jonathan Clarkson said: “Leicestershire Police has held regular Fatal4 operations in Rutland since 2010. However, there are still too many drivers putting themselves and others at risk and similar operations will continue to be held both locally, and across the police force area, to help make our roads safer.”

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