Plea to keep dogs on lead after ‘vicious attack’ leaves woman with permanent scarring


A woman is pleading with dog owners to keep their pets on leads after her mother was attacked and left with permanent scarring.

Lennie Egboma, of Empingham, spoke out this week in a bid to stop further similar incidents happening.

Her 88-year-old mother Ruth, who lives in Stamford, was staying with Lennie in January when she and her own border terrier Molly were attacked by two dogs belonging to a neighbour of Lennie.

Lennie said the incident had turned her mother from a “feisty” and independent woman into one with little confidence.

She said: “These dogs were snarling and growling and they took a whacking great chunk from my mother’s leg. It was a vicious attack.

“She was obviously in quite a lot of distress and since then, her confidence has just been knocked completely.”

After the attack, Mrs Egboma was left to hurry back to her daughter’s home carrying her injured pet, still being chased by the attacking dogs.

She was rushed to Peterborough City Hospital bleeding profusely and doctors did initally fear she would need skin grafts which thankfully she didn’t. But she did need 10 stitches to her leg and has been left with permanent scarring.

Her dog Molly also received bruising and puncture marks to her head and body and needed 22 veterinary appointments over the course of two months. Molly was wearing a harness with a breast plate at the time, which Lennie believes prevented more serious injury.

Lennie said the incident would not have happened had the dogs being on leads and wearing muzzles.

She said: “It should be the responsibility of the dog owner to keep their dogs under control.

“It’s been an horrific incident that’s impacted my mother in an awful way and I think dog owners ought to be aware of the damage that can be caused.”

On Thursday last week, the owner of the dogs Emma Branson, 26, of Beckworth Court, Empingham, indicated at Loughborough Magistrates’ Court a guilty plea to having a Collie Cross dog dangerously out of control .

She was fined £100 and ordered to pay Mrs Egboma compensation of £530. She was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £85 and costs of £20.

The court also indicated it would have a made a dog destruction order but that the dog had been destroyed.