Rutland man cautioned after telling MP she ‘deserved to be violently raped’

Police news.
Police news.

A Rutland man has been cautioned after telling an MP he hoped she was “violently raped”.

Leicestershire Police confirmed the 40-year-old was given an adult caution after admitting an offence of malicious communication. The man, a Fathers4Justice supporter, sent a Facebook message to Caroline Nokes, Conservative MP for Romsey and Southampton North.

In the message, which the MP has made public, he wrote: “Caroline you deserve to be violently raped. And I mean that. I hope you are. I hope you are left for dead somewhere after being raped.

“Woman like you get what is coming to them. There are a lot of people who wish you serious harm, torture and death. Watch your back.”

The man has written a letter of apology to his victim. He claimed he was incited by the Fathers4Justice Facebook page.