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Ex- chef to launch skincare range

An ex-professional chef has launched her own skincare range after spotting a gap in the market for beauty products that deliver positive skincare results, whilst also contributing to your overall health.

LA by Lisa Armitage is 50-years old, Lisa Armitage’s very personal recipe for beautiful, glowing and healthy-looking skin, whatever your skin concern or age. Having struggled with skincare issues in her early 20s, Lisa, who lives in Stamford, has utilised her knowledge of food, ingredients and nutrition to create a new range of beauty products that contain the most potent superfoods and beneficial natural botanics to provide 100 per cent skin nutrition.

It was in her early 20s that Lisa’s skincare nutrition mission started. An intolerance to sunlight that brought on pigmentation resulted in her being prescribed harsh synthetic potions by dermatologists that did more harm than good.

“After cutting out the chemicals, I resigned myself to a life in the shade” Lisa explains.

“But I knew that there had to be another way. Becoming a new mum kick-started my journey towards a healthier way of living and having spent 22 years as a professional chef, I knew the punishing hours couldn’t work any longer for me. Seeing my son suffer from the discomfort of eczema, combined with my own personal skincare problems, spurred me on to a new challenge and I took up a qualification in nutrition to understand its relationship with skin health.”

A brief stint working in a beauty boutique whilst studying introduced Lisa to the then-niche world of natural skincare. ‘Naturally a perk of the job was trying out all the wonderful creations,” Lisa says. “Within a month I was hooked and I quickly developed a sense for the most clean, effective ingredients, whilst also seeing a huge and visible improvement in my seemingly incurable hyperpigmentation. I was so excited by my discovery that I resolved to utilise my background in food and knowledge of ingredients and nutrition to create a truly natural skincare collection of my own.”

The new LA by Lisa Armitage collection harnesses the latest plant stem cell technology and comprises four ranges, free from synthetic ingredients each is designed to tackle different skin issues:

“I’m very excited to introduce my new venture and believe I’m ahead of the game with creating a new skincare brand that is completely natural and will deliver results and positively impact your health too.”

The is available now from www.lisaarmitage.com

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