Work is progressing on hospital revamp

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A multi-million pound scheme to redevelop part of the Stamford Hospital site and sell off the rest is nearing the planning stage.

The Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust wants to refurbish and redesign the east end of the site in Ryhall Road, at a cost of £2.75m.

The trust also wants to demolish the existing Hurst Ward and build two new procedure rooms in its place, at a cost of up to £9.6m.

The western part of the site is to be sold, generating up to £3.6m.

A trust spokesman said the team leading the redevelopment had been told by South Kesteven District Council planners that a more detailed archaeological survey would have to be done on site prior to a planning application to demolish Hurst Ward being submitted. Cambridge University Archaeological Unit has therefore been appointed to conduct a desktop survey in the coming weeks.

The spokesman said: “This will involve extensive trawling of archives to gather a detailed chronological picture of the hospital site through the ages. Once this is complete, plans will be made to conduct an archaeological dig on site.

“We are already anticipating that there will be more than one dig and it will involve between three and four per cent of the total area of the hospital site. As soon as details of when and where the dig will be staged are agreed, we will publicise the information.

“This work needs to be done to satisfy the planning team before we can work towards submitting a full planning application.”

The new design for the east end of the site, where new outpatient services will be delivered, has now been finalised.

“We now have full drawings of this part of the hospital and we are on course to sign these off with the staff in each area shortly,” said the spokesman. “Once the designs are complete we will be able to invite builders to tender for this part of the build project.”

The various phases of the redevelopment were approved in front of members of the public at a board meeting in February.

The trust is happy for people to ask questions about the Stamford Hospital redevelopment project. E-mail