Kit sponsor needed for charity game in aid of Seb


The organisers of a charity match that will help a young footballer cope with life-changing injuries have appealed for a kit sponsor.

One Touch Football will hold an exhibition match in aid of nine-year-old Seb Goold at the Zeeco Stadium in Stamford on March 22.

Seb, from Wansford, was seriously hurt after falling from the emergency door of a coach in April last year. He eventually had to have his right leg amputated above the knee to save his life. After 30 operations and weeks of rehabilitation he was able to return home to his family just before Christmas.

Seb was a keen sportsman before his accident and his family and friends wanted to help him retain that passion. They set up the Seb Goold Trust to raise money for a £50,000 prosthetic leg which will enable him to once again play the sports he loves.

Seb played for Stamford-based One Touch Football before his injury, along with his brother Ben. To help boost the trust’s funds, Seb’s coaches have organised the charity match.

Scott McKenzie, who coached Seb and Ben in the under-8 and under-9 teams, has appealed for a kit sponsor for the match. He said: “We had one lined up, but unfortunately they have pulled out. We’re looking for sponsorship of about £500.”

If you would like to help out, e-mail Scott on

The Seb Goold Trust has outlined its goals in a statement sent to potential donors, which reads: “Before this life-changing incident Seb was an outstanding sportsman who always challenged himself (and his friends and team mates!) with his enthusiasm and desire to improve.

“He has a great sense of humour which has kept him and his family going. His desire to get better is truly astonishing considering what he has already overcome. He has had to change his ambitions but is determined to recover and in the future excel at Paralympic sports.”

The statement adds: “Seb is a sportsman; his ability before the accident was noted by many sports coaches and teams – he won most races and games that he entered! We wish to help Seb maintain his athletic potential by raising money for this top-of-the-range leg.”

Seb is a pupil at Stamford Junior School. The school’s parents association has organised a spring ball to raise funds for the trust, which will take place at Grange Farm in Wittering on March 21.