‘Lonely bouquets’ left as a treat for strangers

Chris Adams and Janet Bentley with their 'Lonely Bouquets' EMN-160705-160056001
Chris Adams and Janet Bentley with their 'Lonely Bouquets' EMN-160705-160056001

Four beautiful floral arrangements were left at different locations across Stamford town centre to mark Lonely Bouquet Day.

The event, organised by the National Association of Flower Arrangement Society’s (NAFAS), is held every year to spread a little happiness.

Bouquets are left in public locations with a tag explaining they may be taken home, or passed on, by anyone who finds them.

Janet Bentley, chairman of Stamford Flower Club, said: “For the past three years we have taken part in this national event by creating bouquets and leaving them at different locations in the town centre.

“The goal is to brighten up somebody’s day. What better way to start your day than to come across a beautiful bouquet looking for a home?”

Those who pick up one of the bouquets are urged to fill in an online form to report back on where they ended up.

Bouquets were left on a wall in Castle Dyke, a postbox near the library, a bench at the train station and at the Eleanor Cross.

The Eleanor Cross bouquet was the largest, and had been designed to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday.

It featured tulips, lillies, September flower and Goldenrod.

Janet said one bouquet ended up in Ryhall with Elizabeth Berwick who, like the Queen, also celebrated her 90th birthday this year.