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Margaret Gow: Still in the family home? You don’t know what you’re missing


Things are moving along in my new abode, but more at the pace of ‘Ole Man River’ than the Niagara Falls where remedial work is concerned.

Curtain pole still OK but as yet, no sign of the topsoil for the gardens which is becoming a critical issue with the planting season coming to an end and promise of a change in the weather. Still, we’ll see - I think there was a vague promise for next week so I am still living in hope. Meanwhile, following receipt of a letter, a chap came to fit my new loo-roll holder... which hadn’t arrived, and still hasn’t.

I spent two days last week getting more boxes back and fitting the contents into the new sideboard, and after dealing with all the china and glasses I confess I am not about to apply for a washing-up job anywhere any time soon, even though there seem to be plenty of vacancies: in fact, Market Harborough seems to be bucking the national trend if offers in various shop windows are anything to go by. I had forgotten how much crockery I brought with me, and even though I gave a lot of glasses away I have a horrid feeling there must be more as the sets are not adding up. I am hoping to have retrieved the Last of the Mohicans by the time you read this; then I plan to have a cocktail party to seriously reduce the number of my liqueur collection bottles. (I tried doing this a couple of years ago, in my former abode, with no result - the chaps all drank beer or wine, and the women gin and tonics...). The original idea was to have this event in our gardens in September to celebrate when all was looking lovely here, but I reckon that we’ll have to go to Plan B as I doubt anyone will want to be out there in the fog and rain. Actually, somebody suggested we have this on New Year’s Eve in our Lounge, which sounds a pretty good thought.

Meanwhile, Yours Truly is organising monthly concerts, alternating Trad Jazz with Classics; plus, apparently, I am I/C jigsaw puzzles as well, and evening talks in between concerts when nobody volunteers to speak. At the moment, that won’t be me: I am currently smarting from the roars of laughter when, last Wednesay at our weekly meeting in the Residents’ Lounge, I said I didn’t have much to say. Sooooo cruel!! What with these, film afternoons, various exercise classes and trying to bag an empty washing machine or dryer in the Laundry Room, life goes by at a tremendous pace. You who still live in your famiy homes just have NO idea what you are missing. Things move so fast that weeks concertina into days, and already people are discusssing where they are going to celebrate Christmas. Aghhhh! I say this because my beloved laptop with all the addresses in gave up last month, and I am trying to get to grips with a new one with Windows 10, and Libre Office instead of my beloved Word Perfect - (don’t laugh: I know I’m a dinosaur). So double arrgghh!

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