Obituary: Richard Fewings

A SERVICE of thanksgiving for the life of Richard Fewings, took place at St John’s Church, Ryhall, the Rev Paddy McKee officiating.

Mr Fewings, of Coppice Close, Ryhall, died at Peterborough District Hospital, aged 51.

He was the first son of Brian and Della Fewings and was educated at Casterton Community College.

He enjoyed playing bowls, darts and football.

Bereaved are his widow Diane and children Bethany, Timothy, Heidi, Katy, Stephanie and Tracy.

Family mourners included: Diane Fewings (widow), Bethany Fewings, Timothy Fewings, Tracy Greenwood, Heidi Banham, Joey, Archie, Charlie, Katy Greenwood, Maisie, Stephanie Greenwood, Ellise, Tommy Canham, Mark Banham, Christopher Wright, Stephen Wright, Melanie Ward, Lee Rudd, Cherry Bradbury, Andrew, Catherine Bradbury, Jane Waite, Ruby Pearson, Rob Pearson, Lee Towers, Emma Towers, Kirby Bothamley, Chris Bates, Stacey Roe, John Canham.

Sympathisers included: Sylvia Garner (representing Terry Garner, Bett Velham, Blackstones Club), Richard Hindmarch (Nicki, Polly, Charlie and Tim Hindmarch), Andrew Hindmarch (Diane, Mike and Alison Hindmarch, Willie Franks, Jacob Smith), Fred Beaver, G Tyler (S Mee), Mrs Thelma Hallam (Ron Hallam, Jasmine and Josh Sorbi), Eric Bolster and Jayne Mitchell (Bolster family, Matt, Joy, Henry and Tom Franks), Ian Taylor, Jonathan Flint (Molly Flint), Joe Aquilina, Dee Dolby, Steve Sharp, Edwin Mee, Nigel Brewin, Mark Edwards (Steve Edwards, Jayne and family), S Smith, Roger and Mary Birch (Elaine and Mark), Bill Waters (Carole, Andrew, Shane and Maralyn), Sally and Selwyn Jones, Neil Alexander, Rosemary Alexander, Bob Haynes and Sue Stephens (Rose and Reg Hatcher, Jane and David Gosling and family), Nicola Bennett (Matthew Barnett, David and Linda Hatcher and family), Barbara Haynes (Joshua Haynes-Barrett, Mary-Rose, Kevin and family), Ted and Di Haynes (Bet Brader, Ann Hatcher), Ian Toon (Ryhall Primary School), Diane Jibb (David Jibb), A Potter (John Hibbins), Gary Masterman (Oz Cope, Andy Farrell), Richard Barwell (Paul Glitherow), D Tilley, Mrs P Rogers, Dave and Maggie Twiddy (Jonathan, Sam and Hannah, Chris Laughton CML), Shaun Alexander (Caroline, Maisie and Lucy), Fred Alexander, Bob and Karen Gorman (Jon and Stephanie Whowell), Steve Green and Sue Downs (Daniel, Ashley and Charlie Green, Lynn Fletcher and Fletcher Charlesworth), Chris Steele, Kay and Richard Thompson, Jonathan Mears (Sue Mears), Martyn Couzens (Carol, Emma and Matthew), Wendy Carr (Kelly, Stuart, Simon and Jessica), Carol Harkness (Bob, Ben and Alice), Julie Corby (Roger Corby and family), Josie Seymour (Eileen, Peter and Anne Townsend), J Charity (G Charity), Andrew Ewen (Helen Walker), Dennis O’Donnell, Mick and Margaret Seymour, Frank and David Edgeley (family), Sarah Cooper-Smith (family), Malcolm and Viv Gale (Natalie and Leigh), Graham and Jill Lloyd (Sharon, John and Megan), Paul Turner (Green Dragon dart team), Mark Hill, Tim Richards (Carol, Mark Richards), Paul Finch (family), Reg Butcher (Ray and Paul Butcher), Brian Burkitt (Wendy), David Ingham (Ryhall Bowls Club), Reg Mee (Ryhall Utd FC 70’s), Helen Sismore (Martin Novinscak, Gordon Bush, Janet Latto), Mark Sismore (Emma, Tom, Luke and Zach Sismore, Jon Workman, Laurence Ball) Lorraine Gray (Project One), Courtyard staff Casterton College, Mary Greenwood (John and family), Tony Coulsey (Jean Coulsey, Jayne), Steven Maltby (July, Becky and Stuart Maltby), Patrick Harris, Tom and Kay Parker (Daniel Parker), Kelvin and Karen Mason (Ben and Jay Mason), Miranda Lundi and Ian Groves (Rebecca Wright, Sam Lundi), Andrew Moseley (Sarah Moseley), Leann Brandrick (Malcolm Brandrick).

J Russell (D Sauntson), Wendy Brader (Colin and Malvyn), William Brader (Karl, Linda and Karen), Dave Ball and family (Alfie and family), Kevin Ward (Sally Ward), Terry Brookes, Yvonne Sandall (Michael Brookes, Stamford and District darts league), Mick Wileo (A Markwell), Sam and Rita Downs (family, Pete and Paula Linnell, Pete Nickells Blackstones bowls team), Nicola Jane Smith (David and Christine Hallam), Sam Vickers, Matthew Stanton, Chris and Simon Hayes, Stuart Cook (Arthur Cook and family), Ian MacGillivray (Andrew MacGillivray, Elaine MacGillivray, Fiona Brockbank and Blackstones), Neil MacGillivray (family), Steve and Neil Fenn (David Nobbs), Brian Haynes, Chris Parsons (Karen Parsons, Pat Winterton), Paul and Denise Collins, Paul and Tina Wakefield (Jean Wakefield), Aubrey and Caroline (Bluebell, Belmesthorpe), Barry and Joice Houlden, Shirley Tufnell (Mark and Emma Blake, Richard Tufnell), Sally Cunnington (Andy, Emma and Debbie), Barry Daff (Angela Daff), Vicky and Roger Easton (grandma), Derek Burrows (Duncan Burrows), Tim and Mel Butcher (Hannah and Victoria), Celia Butcher (Gary and family), Joyce Bull, Wal and Sue Carpenter (Dusty and Bev Miller), Clare and Mark Garner (Jane, Moira, Richard and Martin, Nonny and Carol Garner), Jane Dickens (Ben Dickens, Irene Blake and family, Anne and Martin Virgin, Maz and George Roberts), Moira Dobly and Alan Wyman (Melbourn dart leagues), J Mee (Mrs Chadwick), Steve and Sara Achurch (family), Marilyn Newman, Richard Rollings, John and June Rollings (John and Shirley Hibbitt), Robert and Monica Lynas (K Windsor, P Cole), Sally Hickman (David, John and Annie, Betty Edwards, Waters family), Will Stanton (Vivien Stanton), Mr and Mrs R Lee and family (Green Dragon darts teams past and present), Patrick Heff, Bryan and Gilly Studd (Mike and Jacqui Hardy), Mark and Petra Garner (Jak, Luke and Kerri), Jack Wakefield (family), Simon Fenn (John and Liz Hastings), Simon Fenn (Nicola, Adam and Charlotte), Win Peck (family), Marian Taylor, Ken Popple, Joe Stainsby (Adele Stainsby), Andy Carr (Sharon, Matt, Dan and Joe Carr), Chris and Jackie Cramp (Paul and David Cramp, Dick Morley), A Dawson (Anne Dawson), Denise Bolster (Lauren Bolster), Kevin, Karen and Kayleigh Flynn (Chris Flynn and Project One), George and Debbie Schulze and family, Shaun and Debbie Rolfe (Nickki Roberts, Robin Thrift, Ketton Sports Club), Nick Wallace, Hazel and Steve (Chris and Jean), Pamela and Kevin Boor (Rebecca, Katie and Phil Mitchell), Geordie and Janice Neilson (Stamford Bels FC), Carolyn Easton, Ian Bean (Key Publishing), Tony and Marlene Fenn (Russ and Jane Fenn), Barry Burrows, Andrew, Mel, Sophie and Sascha Smith (Max, Lexi-Mae and Macy), John Goff (family), Georgie (Willy Bark and Debbie Hind, Jules, Lanie, Nobby and Anne Arden, Darren and Kenny), Brian Middleton and Sarah Middleton (Vicky and Darren Middleton), Chris Sharp (Kim, Ryan, Leigh and Gill Sharp), Kay Dunn, Kim Couzens (Ryhall FC), John Barbour (Patricia Gaze), John Robinson (Boundary Club darts, Market Deeping).

Tom Collins, Tracey Dunthorne and Richard Gutteridge (George, Sheila and Mark Bennett), Sean and Sue Conlon, Chris DeBar, Patrick Hefferon.