Plenty of ‘entente cordial’

Rutland Morris
Rutland Morris

Rutland Morris

They visited the beautiful medieval cobbled, half- timbered town of Dinan to join with French musicians and dancers in a pre- arranged programme of dance sessions throughout the town.

They re–kindled their Caudebec–en–Caux connections by dancing with a Caux folk dance group “les enfants du chene” and also with an Appalachian tap dancing duo from the locality of Dinan, with whom they danced at a previous visit 7 years ago.

The Locals were a bit bemused at times, but there was a good atmosphere in the town as a holiday had been declared to celebrate VE day, and as the day progressed there was much “entente cordial” and bonhomie.

To their surprise Rutland Morris featured heavily in the weekend French regional newspapers following their Friday efforts. They were also met by a town council delegation who visited them at the hostel on Saturday night.

Their Squire Mike McWhinnie said “It was an exhilarating and exhausting trip.

“What was pleasing was the enthusiastic reception that we gained from the locals, who really appreciated our obvious enjoyment, and also our struggles to converse in French. Calvados seemed to help translations!”

The trip was organised by a Rutland ex-pat Keith Cooper, who arranged the accommodation, food and drink, and also a joyous barbecue and “European” folk dance in the evening where there was, much conviviality and French traditional singing and dancing.

Dave Casewell, Rutland Morris’s Press Attaché mused upon the success of the weekend “it was Europe at its best.

We started the weekend dancing with strangers, but by Saturday we were just one happy family of dancers brought together by music and dance. And red wine, cider and calvados!”

Rutland Morris arrived back at Stanstead to let the train take the strain on Sunday afternoon to be greeted with the dreaded “bus replacement service”, but even that went without a hitch.

It was a good weekend, with Rutland Morris representing your county in style.

They next dance on Monday 17 May at 8pm in Essendine, and 9pm at the Green Dragon in Ryhall.