Oakham Town Council imposes sanctions on Councillor Martin Brookes


Oakham Town Council has imposed a number of sanctions against a town councillor.

Rutland County Council’s monitoring officer, who is responsible for administering complaints made against any and all elected members, recommended the sanctions against Coun Martin Brookes last month.

But it was up to the town council to decide whether to impose them. Oakham Town Council considered these at its meeting on July 13 and decided that as the findings confirmed Coun Brookes had “on many occasions” breached the code of conduct for local councillors, it accepted all the findings of the report by the monitoring officer. The sanctions imposed include a formal censure and that the town council should not appoint Coun Brookes to any committees or working groups until his conduct improves. The town council has made Mr Brookes aware of its decision in a letter.

A statement from the town council’s acting clerk (locum) Malcolm Plumb said: “I have to confirm that Coun Brookes has refused to accept this letter for his own reasons. Nevertheless the Town Council has resolved to publicise this matter in order that the council’s case can be made public to the Oakham community.

“Further action by Coun Brookes will be carefully monitored and action will be considered should further incidents occur which breaches the Code of Conduct for Local Councillors.”

The monitoring officer also said in her report that the town council should take part in a wider “conciliation process involving Coun Brookes” as there was a “general need for improvement in conduct across Oakham Town Council”.