Oakham Town Councillor disclosed confidential information and was disrespectful and intimidating, review finds


A formal investigation examining alleged breaches of Oakham Town Council’s Code of Conduct a Town Councillor has found he disclosed confidential information and behaved in an intimidatory manner.

A number of complaints against Cllr Martin Brookes were received by Rutland County Council between 27 July 2015 and 2 November 2015, requiring a full investigation to be carried out.

This investigation has concluded that Cllr Brookes has breached Oakham Town Council’s Code of Conduct by disclosing confidential information, failing to treat others respectfully and behaving in an intimidatory manner.

Rutland County Council’s Monitoring Officer is responsible for administering complaints made against any and all elected members and has recommended a number of sanctions to Oakham Town Council. This includes a formal censure and a recommendation that the Town Council should not appoint Cllr Brookes to any Committees or working groups until his conduct improves.

Debbie Mogg, Monitoring Officer at Rutland County Council, said: “In assessing this complaint I have considered the findings of the independent investigation and concluded that, regrettably, Councillor Brookes’ conduct has fallen short of what is expected, constituting several breaches of Oakham Town Council’s Code of Conduct. As a result, I have recommended a number of sanctions and it will be for the Town Council to decide if these are implemented.

“To reach its potential of becoming a high performing organisation, there is a general need for improvement in conduct across Oakham Town Council. It is for this reason I have made a further recommendation that the Town Council takes part in a wider conciliation process involving Councillor Brookes.”