Rutland County Council approves new Oakham Neighbourhood Area

Rutland County Council's Catmose offices in Oakham. Photo: Alan Walters EMN-150923-095014001
Rutland County Council's Catmose offices in Oakham. Photo: Alan Walters EMN-150923-095014001

Approval has been granted for a new Oakham Neighbourhood Area that consists of both Oakham and Barleythorpe parishes.

Earlier this year, Oakham Town Council and the Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Forum submitted separate applications to Rutland County Council to designate Neighbourhood Areas as the first step towards creating their own neighbourhood plans.

Barleythorpe applied for a Neighbourhood Area covering the whole of Barleythorpe

Parish, while Oakham Town Council’s application covered the whole of Oakham and Barleythorpe, along with a small part of Egleton. Each application was then subject to a six-week public consultation.

Following this and under delegated authority, chief executive Helen Briggs, in consultation with leader Terry King, has decided the council will approve the Oakham Neighbourhood Area application. The Barleythorpe Area application must therefore be refused as the council cannot designate overlapping areas.

Coun King (Con) said: “Both Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Area Applications have been reviewed on their respective merits and in light of comments received through public consultation. Having assessed both proposals, the council is of the view that a single Oakham Neighbourhood Area is the way to address the future growth needs of both Oakham and Barleythorpe.

“A plan covering both these areas means that new development and infrastructure can be undertaken in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. Consequently, as the council cannot designate overlapping Neighbourhood Areas, the applications to establish a Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Area must be been refused.”

The council has published both decisions on its website, providing detailed information about the Oakham Neighbourhood Plan Area and setting out its reasons for refusing the Barleythorpe application.

Oakham Town Council can now produce a draft Neighbourhood Plan, to be submitted to Rutland County Council for consideration by an independent examiner. For more information, including a map identifying the designated area, visit: