Supreme Court rejects Bourne firm Larkfleet’s challenge to Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan

Kark Hick CEO Larkfleet
Kark Hick CEO Larkfleet

The Supreme Court has refused Larkfleet Homes permission to make a further legal challenge to the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan.

The Bourne-based developer was trying for the third time to quash the result of a referendum on the plan. Both the High Court and the Court of Appeal had already rejected Larkfleet’s challenges, so the developer asked for permission to take its challenge to the Supreme Court.

But permission was refused on November 3 because Larkfleet application “does not raise an arguable point of law”.

Larkfleet had argued that Rutland County Council should never have put the neighbourhood plan to a public referendum. It received a 92 per cent approval rate in July 2014.

An initial appeal at the High Court was dismissed in December 2014. Larkfleet appealed, but Court of Appeal judges Lords Justices Moore-Bick and Richards and Lady Justice Sharp upheld the original ruling.

A site off Ayston Road where Larkfleet wanted to build was not included in the neighbourhood plan.

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