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March to Leave campaigners say it is now a March for Democracy as they reach Rutland

Campaigners on the pro-Brexit ‘March for Leave’ now say it has become a ‘March for Democracy.’

Around 100 marchers enjoyed fine weather as they passed through Rutland on Monday, though they met a few EU supporters as they ended the tenth days of their march from Sunderland in Manton village, close to Rutland Water.

Richard Tice and Marietta King (8050256)
Richard Tice and Marietta King (8050256)

The procession came as a cross-party group of MPs, including Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles, seek to gain control of the Brexit process from the government.

March co-founder Richard Tice said the marchers represented the strength of the United Kingdom by being straight-talking people who believed politicians when they said they would carry out your decision.

“But as we have headed south, there is a growing sense of anger and frustration that democracy is being betrayed and destroyed in this country. “It’s about trust and democracy. We have been screamed at by Remainers and looked down upon but there is nothing more powerful than the silent majority that believe in democracy.”

Mr Tice said supporters of a People’s Vote don’t want a referendum, they just want to fraudulently cancel Brexit. Such a move would be dangerous for the country, he said. As people have told him they would not vote again, or they would vote for extremist parties of the far left and far right.

The businessman, who sought to be the Conservative London candidate for Mayor, warned his party that if Britain did not leave the EU on April 12, there will be European Elections and “The Tories will be completely decimated and the party will fracture.”

He continued: “Why should anybody vote Conservative after these shambolic negotiations. In the European elections they will be slaughtered by the new Brexit party. The stakes will be very high. There will be a complete transformation in the UK party system.”

Noting the crowd was amassed just miles from the Grantham and Stamford constituency of Nick Boles MP, Mr Tice called on the MP to resign and stand as an independent to see how he goes.

Mr Tice added: “He’s lost the confidence of his own members, he hasn’t the integrity and decency to respect the people who elected him. He (Mr Boles) agreed to outsource the decision to his constituents. He agreed to the manifesto of 2017. Now, he’s trying to thwart and stop Brexit.”

UKIP Stamford and Grantham general election candidate Marietta King said the mood of the country is hardening to one of ‘we should be going.’

Brexit bus ready for action (8050331)
Brexit bus ready for action (8050331)

The Rutland and Melton branch chairman added: “If we stick to democracy, we have to get out on the 29th”.

Marchers who have walked all the way from Sunderland agreed.

The youngest, 24-year-old Josh Spencer from Pontefract, commented: “We are fighting for the rule of law. We feel parliament will break the law and we won’t leave. Leavers and Remainers should join us to fight for democracy.”

Josh Spencer and Ros Watson (8049761)
Josh Spencer and Ros Watson (8049761)

“All we have is our vote and our voice. We cannot have MPs in Westminster taking away our vote.

“If politicians don’t deliver Brexit, they should be very scared. A lot of people are prepared to rebel against authority.”

Ros Watson of Warwickshire agreed: “We are fighting for the country, for democracy.”

However, as the hundred or so gathered at the Horse and Jockey Pub, they were met by a few EU supporters, who waved their own banner, with one woman wrapping herself in an EU flag.

Some of the campaigners(8050496)
Some of the campaigners(8050496)

Remain voters Ben Fell and Dean Bennison from Manton said a ‘People’s Vote’ was needed as “so much of the information given out on both sides turned out to be hokem.”

Ben continued: “Now we have a proper understanding of what Brexit can entail it seems only right to have a double check.”

Dean said of Britain's membership of the EU: “Better to mend it than end it.”

Ben Fell and Dean Bennison (8050074)
Ben Fell and Dean Bennison (8050074)

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