Rutland residents live longer, according to report

Rutland news
Rutland news

Rutland has already been recognised as Britain’s best rural place to live and can now claim to be one of the healthiest counties in the country, with residents’ general health and life expectancy both better than the national average.

Rutland’s latest Health Profile was released by Public Health England last month and looks at a range of important indicators, such as obesity, smoking, cancer, hospital admissions and educational attainment.

The report summarises Rutland’s performance within a set of national rankings, helping to identify any health inequalities and assist in the planning and prioritisation of local services.

According to the latest results, Rutland has achieved above average health outcomes in a number of areas and has been placed among the top 10 best-performing local authorities for six indicators, which are deprivation, teenage pregnancy, physically active adults, drug misuse, excess winter deaths and life expectancy.