Ryhall Academy pupils bring famous historical figures to life

The Living Waxworks event at Ryhall Academy. By Lee Hellwing.
The Living Waxworks event at Ryhall Academy. By Lee Hellwing.

Jane Austin and Charlie Chaplin were among the famous historical figures brought to life at Ryhall Academy on Friday.

The Year 4 pupils dressed as up as the famous people and gave presentations about them to around 300 villagers, fellow pupils and staff at the Woolthorpe Living Waxworks event held in the school hall.

At the event visitors pressed a buzzer and when they did so the little ones sprang into life and recalled interesting facts about the person they represented.

Sam Dyer, the Year 4 class teacher, said: “We are over the moon - it was a huge success - the children are buzzing and the local community really enjoyed it.

“Imagine walking into Madame Tussauds, pressing a buzzer and each model would come alive to talk about their character.

“It is an idea from America, I think in English primary schools it hasn’t taken off yet.

“The children really enjoyed it.

”It was a good turn out, grandparents came, we had uncles and aunts.”

Prior to the event, which is the second one to take place at the school, the children researched their characters, they also interviewed influential figures from the area such the Rev Patrick McKee, vicar at St John the Evangelist’s Church in Ryhall - in order to help them improve their research skills.

Historical figures from the past 400 years were represented as part of the event, These included those both dead and living such as Donald 

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of women receiving the vote this year, there was a focus on female role models, with many of the girls dressed as influential women including Amelia Earhart - the first lady to fly solo across the Atlantic 

Children also created a timeline depicting when the historical figures were alive.