Schoolboy Kyle hailed a ‘hero’ for efforts in fire

Kyle and Dafney EMN-140912-145624001
Kyle and Dafney EMN-140912-145624001

A 15-year-old boy from Oakham has been hailed a ‘hero’ after helping to put out a fire at his neighbour’s house.

Kyle Southernwood, who is a pupil at Catmose College, heroically helped to put out a kitchen fire that started at his elderly neighbour’s house on Friday night.

The fire happened at around 8pm, at the Willoughby Gardens in Oakham, after Kyle’s neighbour Daphne accidently left the hob on, which caught alight after sugar was spilt onto the 

Kyle, who was with his six-year-old sister at the time, didn’t think twice about helping when he saw flames coming from the house.

Kyle said: “I was about to go shopping with my sister and we heard the fire alarm going off, but thought nothing of it.

“But once we stepped outside we could see flames coming from Daphne’s kitchen window, so I instantly told Freya to go home and I flew over there to try and help Daphne who was attempting to put out the 

Kyle helped to extinguish the fire by putting wet tea towels on top of the flames and opening the windows to let out the smoke.

Smoke had also travelled upstairs, where Daphne’s pet cat was trapped after getting its collar stuck on the side of the wardrobe.

Kyle braved the smoke to help save the cat and opened the windows upstairs to let the smoke out.

As a thank you for helping her put the fire out, Daphne gave Kyle £5, which Kyle used to buy Daphne a bouquet of flowers with.

Daphne said, “I’m very proud of Kyle and what he did to help me, I know him very well and he has helped me a lot.”

Kyle’s mum, Lisa said: “I was at home at the time and had no idea that Kyle was over there helping to put out a fire in Daphne’s kitchen.

“When I did realise, I ran straight over there in my pyjamas, but by the time I got there Kyle had already sorted it all out.”

Kyle’s sister, Freya said: “I heard Daphne’s fire alarm going off, and when we went outside we saw smoke coming out the bottom of the 

“It’s a great thing that my brother did.”