Share memories of Sacrewell

Sacrewell Mill EMN-160803-182105001
Sacrewell Mill EMN-160803-182105001

People are being urged to share their memories of Sacrewell farm and visitor centre.

Sacrewell, near Wansford, has launched its Memories of Sacrewell project in a bid to preserve the memories of its visitors for generations to come.

The William Scott Abbott Trust, which owns Sacrewell, was formed in the 1960s in a bid to advance all forms of agricultural practices. The visitor centre was opened as a result.

Sacrewell Mill recently underwent a £1.8m restoration and conservation project. It reopened last year and the Memories of Sacrewell project is part of that.

It’s not just the older memories staff are looking for - they’re also happy to chat to anyone who would like to share their memories of the farm and visitor centre, right up until the mill project started a couple of years ago.

Make an appointment to speak to Nikki Cherry and Jane Harrison at the mill on June 21 and 22.

Nikki, Sacrewell’s learning and interpretation officer, said: “Part of the mill project was not only looking at the mill’s 2,000 year history, but at recent history as well.

“We know a lot of our visitors have great memories of Sacrewell and we want them to share them with us so that we can continue to record Sacrewell’s history for future generations.”

Refreshments will be provided so that you can enjoy a chat and a cuppa.

To book an appointment, call 01780 781377 or 01780 781376.

Or to find out more about Sacrewell or the mill project visit