Small increase to parking charges in Uppingham from September


There is to be a small increase to parking charges in Uppingham from September.

This follows a decision by Uppingham Town Council to end a subsidy that currently reduces the price of parking in North Street East and Queen Street car parks.

Since 2012, the town council has paid £8,500 per year to Rutland County Council to subsidise one hour and two hour parking charges in Uppingham. This allowed the charge for a one hourstay to be reduced from 40p to 20p, while the two hour charge fell from £1.10 to £1.

The decision to remove this subsidy has prompted the County Council to revise charges upwards in order to offset the loss of income but will not return to the pre-subsidy prices.

However, the cost of parking will remain lower than in Oakham.

Coun Tony Mathias, Portfolio Holder for Market Towns at Rutland County Council, said: “The loss of Uppingham Town Council’s parking subsidy means we needed to reassess the current rate that applies to car parks in Uppingham. However, we have tried to minimise any impact on businesses and visitors.

“We understand that the priority for local people is the low cost of short stay parking. Therefore, rather than simply returning to the pre-subsidy prices, the revised rates will apply most of the increase to longer duration tickets. The charges will also be simplified.”

The decision to increase parking charges in Uppingham was taken at Rutland County Council’s Cabinet meeting on April 19.

The changes will come into effect on September 1.