Teacher with a passion for cooking takes on chef duties


A local teacher with a passion for cooking and supporting the local community takes on the chef duties on Saturday at Second Helpings in Stamford.

A professional singer in his spare time Dominic Brister, who is a teacher at Stamford Welland Academy, is likely to throw a few tunes in as he prepares food for the diners.

Dom and his son Alfie will be cooking and supporting the second helpings community café that intercepts food heading to landfill and provides good nutritious meals on a Pay As You Feel basis.

No prices are shown on the menu and the chef does not know in advance what foods will be available in advance.

Second Helpings opened in September and has to date served over 700 meals and collected over two tonnes of food.

The café, a church and community partnership, is open every Saturday from 12 to 3pm at Barn Hill Methodist Church.

Second helpings is a member of the Real Junk Food Café along with some 120 others in the UK, with more in France Germany and the UK.