Tot’s death leads to charity for new borns

The parents of a baby who died after he was born prematurely have set up a charity to help other youngsters born too soon.

Phil and Sarah McConnell set up Archie’s Angels in memory of their son, Archie.

He was born just 31-weeks into Sarah’s pregnancy and despite initially doing well he died aged just six-weeks.

Keen to prevent other families from going through the same painful events they decided to act.

Boxes of goods useful for the parents of premature babies such as blankets, nappies and wool hats are provided by the charity.

Sarah, 27, of Hornbeam Crescent, Oakham, said: “This means that we can do something good from something bad.

“It’s a charity close to our hearts and we hope to raise as much as possible. We can’t give Archie toys like our other children so we can do this for him.”

Archie was born on July, 30, 2013, at the Victoria Hospital, in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, weighing just 3lb 11oz while Sarah and her husband Phil, 33, were on holiday.

He was doing well and was flown to Peterborough City Hospital.

Doctors decided Archie needed an operation for a small diaphragmatic hernia. Successful surgery was carried out at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Archie was placed on a ventilator for 48-hours but he was taken off it after just nine-hours and staff could not save him.

Since then Sarah and Phil, who also have son Charlie, two, and daughter Olivia, six-months, have helped Victoria Hospital and they plan to raise funds for Peterborough City Hospital.

A charity stall night for Archie’s Angels is at Oakham United Football Club, Main Road, on Friday, October 13, from 7pm to 9.30pm. Entry is £1.

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