Uppingham Rotarians find a ‘Smartie’ way to raise money

Rotary Smartie campaign EMN-151125-094018001
Rotary Smartie campaign EMN-151125-094018001

The Rotary Club of Uppingham has found a ‘Smartie’ way to raise money for local and international good causes.

Club members have been provided with tubes of Smarties which, when empty, are filled with 20p pieces. Each tube can hold more than £12 when full and the club has raised £250 so far with more tubes waiting to be filled.

Club president Joyce Marston, pictured, said “This is a really fun way of raising money and our members have supported it enthusiastically, although I am sure having to eat the sweets before the tube can be filled is a great incentive.”

Charities including Loros have benefitted.