Writer pens her debut novel at the age of 91

A gran has proven that age is no barrier as she has published her first book as a 91-year-old.

Fay Howison has just released The Rose Girl tohuge praise.

The debut book is aimed at girls of between ten and 14 years of age.

The novel has proven so popular that Fay is already planning two sequels called The Rose Lady and Wild Roses.

It was by pure chance that Fay, of Exton, came to write the book.

She said: “It all started when one of my granddaughters Freya, who was 11 at the time, was in a bit of a mood.

“I took her upstairs and began to tell her a story.

“She became really interested and asked me questions about the characters.

“I got as far as laying out a fairly basic story.

“I thought that it would be a fantastic book.

“So I wrote it and I have spent nine years polishing it.”

Fay self published the book as she felt that she did not have the time to try established publishers.

Freya, now 19, has read and approved the book.

The Rose Girl is set in the pre-industrial past.

It follows the story of two families who live in a valley.

Living at one end is the Duke of Ashbury who is stricken with grief following the death of his wife.

He keeps his daughter Rosalba a virtual prisoner in their home in case harm should strike her too.

The Paget family also live in the valley. The three Paget brothers decide to rescue Rosalba.

Along the way they encounter lots of misadventures .

A terrible secret from the past causes a large problem and the brothers must work together to succeed.

The Rose Girl is published by Matador and it is £8.99.