Stamford Colts win again

Rugby Union season preview.
Rugby Union season preview.

Sunday saw Stamford Colts finish the year with another win, beating Spalding at home in a friendly, 17-12.

The close score was representative of a very tight match that could have gone either way. The scoring opened when a misdirected Spalding pass gifted a try for Alistair Jones, who managed to sneak round the back of the Spalding line and put the ball between the posts, giving Henry Bolton an easy conversion.

Later in the first half Jack Jones capitalised on a good Stamford attack movement, but the position and a very strong wind gave Bolton a very tough kick which only just fell short of the posts.

Spalding responded though with a try before half time to keep them in the game, however shortly into the second half Dean Elmore ran in from the half way line, although this time the wind gave no chance at all of converting.

With Spalding playing with a loaned Stamford player they managed to get a second try, and again their hopes alive, but the match continued to the end with both defences effectively cancelling out each other and Stamford retaining the lead. After the seasonal break Stamford’s next fixture is Newark at home.

The game is on January 11 and is a table topping clash to decide the final outcome of the NLD Plate League.